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SELinux Quick Start Guide

A lot of sysadmins will disable SELinux immediately. Not good.

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SSH Escape Sequence: ~.

A while back I was using ipmitool and Serial-over-LAN for some serial console access to remote servers. This involved tunnelling through multiple SSH sessions, then connecting over serial via ipmitool.

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Self-hosted Jekyll Sites

I recently made the move from a PHP-based markdown blog to Jekyll, a static-site generator.

Jekyll has a couple of advantages over everything else I’ve tried:

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SAMBA Error: Can't become connected user!

I’ve recently been setting up an OpenBSD 5.5 file server for some internal communications.

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Steam on 64bit Debian Wheezy (7.0)

This guide right here is spot on. I’m using a Debian-based distro called CrunchBang and it worked flawlessly.

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